Business Partnerships

It begins with delivering an exceptional experience every time. That experience is extended to our partners, helping them grow.




Insurance Partners

With 30 years of experience, we understand the needs of the insurance industry. When you send your insured customers to an Auto Body Services’ collision center, your customer will be thrilled with the quality, convenience and speed of our work.

What Is It Your Customers Want Most?

Help your customers get back on their way faster with ABS. With our proven track record of delivering best-in-class service for auto body and glass repair, we will make your insured happy you partnered with ABS.



If your customers could be reassured their repair center would do only guaranteed, top-quality repairs, and they’d get it right the first time and on time – the way ABS does it – they’d feel much more confident.


After an accident, there’s a sinking feeling driver’s describe. If they knew they could make one phone call, and all those hassles could disappear, they’d be much more comfortable.


People who’ve had their cars repaired recently talk a lot about the disruption. One minute they’re going about their lives, then suddenly everything is put on hold. If they could be sure they’d be back to normal soon – like they can be with ABS – you’d have happy customers.